chocoluvr (chocoluvr) wrote,

Writer's Block: Go it alone

Do you think society puts too much pressure on people to be in relationships and/or have children? Do you think this ostracizes people who would be perfectly content to remain single and/or child-free? Is this pressure worse around the holidays?

Yes I do think that society does put too much pressure on people to be in relationships and have children. I think that this can push people into marriage who aren't ready for it because they are of the "magic" age to be married and to start their families. Some women even try to get pregnant in order to push their partners into marriage because they don't want to be an old maid who dies alone. There are those who still believe that their life doesn't begin until they are married. This pressure is worse around the holidays because you are around your parents who want grandkids and who don't understand why you haven't married yet and you are around other family members who have married and have children, especially if you want marriage and children and it hasn't happened yet for you.
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